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Leniolabs_ is an international software development company with team members in Santiago de Chile, Argentina, Madrid and Miami. We develop software that helps our clients to take data-driven decisions.

Our current clients include Santiago-based clients like Skidata Chile and Banco Santander, USA-based clients like SAP and even Asian clients like Singapore bank.

We put our trust in our team members from day one. That means no work schedule and complete freedom to develop main tasks during a project.

Requerimientos del cargo

We are looking for 3 devs senior/semi-senior to work for one of our clients on the US. The requirements are:

  • Teamwork.
  • Excellent interaction with team members.
  • Experience in React (if you are willing to learn it fast and you know Vue or Angular it is also fine).
  • English: you should be able to handle small conversations in English.
  • Preference for people in Santiago that can come to the office at least once a week.

Extra points:

  • Experience in an MVC backend framework for providing APIs. Rails, Django, Spring, etc.
  • Experience providing documentation and designing architecture for projects.
  • Advanced git usage.
  • Redux or central stores.
  • Proficiency in design patterns, IDE tools and good practices. Code linting, git workflow.
  • Experience working with SCRUM / Agile.

It is expected to show proof that the requirements above are met, providing a CV, a project portfolio with links and a GitHub account.

If you love learning new technologies we like you. If you are a junior/semi-senior/senior we don't mind. At the end of the day, all of us suffer from impostor syndrome.

Our stack is based on Ruby on Rails, Python, NodeJS, Angular 4, React, EmberJS and we’re always looking for new technologies to integrate to our stack. We value developers that are dynamic to learn new technologies and use them for their projects. We are using SCRUM and XP methodologies for our projects.


  • Consolidated team.
  • Indefinite contract.
  • Bonuses based on productivity.
  • Interesting projects. We select projects that are challenging for our teams and let us learn new things.
  • We are always moving on.
  • We have a pretty office next to Cerro San Cristobal with garden and pool.

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