Developer Engineer in S3 Chile

Closed job - No longer receiving applicants

Our company has been in the market since 2007, providing technological development services to important economic groups in our country. The projects we deal with are of different kinds and quite challenging, but always related to modern business architecture. The greatest challenges we face as a team are the development of integral professionals with a business outlook, and being able to become a strategic ally of excellence for our clients.

Job requirements

Buscamos Ingeniero Informático (o carrera a fin; también se aceptan universitarios con carreras incompletas, pero con experiencia mayor a la requerida) para integrarse de inmediato a nuestro equipo de Desarrolladores. La experiencia requerida es de al menos dos año, desempeñándose en cargos similares. El sueldo líquido es de CLP 1.300.000 líquido.

El objetivo del cargo es desarrollar aplicaciones corporativas (full stack). El postulante debe tener dominio de JAVA y SQL. Además, conocimientos de desarrollo web. Deseablemente, el postulante debe manejar BI pentaho, Script case (software de desarrollo rápido web), Software BPM (preferencia camunda, uso de herramientas de workflow) y uso de servicios Rest.

(Los conocimientos deseables y requeridos, serán medidos en pruebas técnicas en caso de pasar los primeros filtros de Selección)

El trabajo es de 45 horas semanales, de 09:00 a 19:00hrs.


Our organization is concerned about the welfare of its employees, so periodically recreational activities are made and add new benefits to those we already have. The latter are: complementary medical insurance, dental, generic drugs, accidental death, natural death, dismemberment and disability. Administrative, birth and death permits. We have special allocations for locomotion and marriage, in addition to subsidy in coffee machines and agreements with different companies, both financial and health.

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