Bunny Inc.’s mission is to shape the future of outsourcing. To achieve this, it’s critical that we create and maintain the highest standard of product and service excellence. It follows by implication that “what” we create is as important as “how” we create it. You will be responsible for the “how”. As leader of the engineering team, your main goal will be to facilitate the achievement of our ambitious 100% YoY growth while enabling us to become more creative, more efficient, and better learners.

Are you up for the challenge?

Job description

Head of engineering, Bunny Inc. - Remote (Americas)at Bunny Inc.


  • The professional development of our engineers.
  • Setting and measuring functional standards to allow our engineers to be more creative and efficient, while becoming better learners.
  • Keeping a High Bus Factor.
  • Defining the organizational structure of the engineering team.
  • Coordinating joint projects between the product and engineering teams.
  • Pursuing our mission: Shaping the future of outsourcing.
  • Safeguarding our motto: Always deliver memorable experiences.
  • Monitoring the team’s KPIs and OKRs and improving team performance.
  • Driving technical, architectural, and organizational decisions, thereby making sure we build a scalable, efficient, and maintainable platform.
  • Evolving Bunny Inc.’s engineering team through best practices and coding guidelines (among other strategies) to ensure efficient technological implementation.
  • Optimizing interactions between engineering and other areas, e.g., product management, design, operations, marketing, etc.
  • Providing deep technical guidance at both the technology stack level as well as the architecture level.
  • Managing engineering resources and budget.
  • Being accountable for the long-term implications of technical decisions.
  • Being accountable for the high functionality of our sites. You will be expected to foresee possible technical and business-related risks—both emerging and long-term—based on business direction, and advise accordingly.
  • Project management of engineering-related projects (upgrades, migrations, security-related initiatives, compliance implementations, technology changes, etc.).
  • Coordinating periodic hackathons and business competitions.
  • Sharing Bunny Inc.'s know-how with the outside world.


  • Professionally developing a team of overachievers.
  • Getting buy-in for ideas that may be unpopular.
  • Managing a significant amount of technical debt.
  • Being a player-coach—getting deep into code while also helping engineers grow through mentorship.
  • Frequently coming across unknowns.
  • Building a high-quality engineering team that is productive and motivated.
  • Developing a strategy for the technical development of sites/software and establishing the business’s technical vision to guide all aspects of technological development.
  • Supporting the growth of the VoiceBunny API and further developing APIs for our other categories.
  • Assessing technical debt and proposing a system where we balance new improvements as well as platform maintenance.
  • Developing frameworks and technology that support multiple categories and multiple languages.
  • Maintaining the growth of a business that has grown non-stop for over five years.
  • Leading and shaping the technical culture within Bunny Inc.
  • Giving and receiving candid feedback.


  • 7+ years of experience in software development.
  • 3+ year of experience in enterprise architecture.
  • Previous experience as a leader.
  • C1 level English.
  • Management skills.
  • Experience running technical experiments.
  • Knowledge of data structures, algorithms, and microservices.
  • Architectural experience.
  • Web development (i.e., PHP, Java, Javascript, and CSS).
  • Project management experience..
  • Recruitment experience.

Soft Skills:

  • Communication.
  • Resourcefulness.
  • Leadership.
  • Persuasiveness.
  • A strategic and analytical mindset.
  • Being an enthusiastic learner and influencer.

Career Path

You will be expected to remain in this role for four years. The knowledge and experience you'll gain may then enable you to perform any of the following roles, either at Bunny Inc. or somewhere else:

  • CTO of a business (at Bunny Inc. or somewhere else).
  • Product manager (at Bunny Inc. or somewhere else).
  • Founder of your own business.

Right after you join, we’ll agree on your Tour Of Duty. This is an agreement that defines a successful employer-employee partnership. You will give us your time and energy and, in return, we will invest in your personal and professional growth. We will provide you with the right tools, experiences, and networks necessary for ongoing success.

Perks of working with us

Working Remotely

At Bunny Inc., we are used to working in a distributed manner, so this role is open to professionals in any country in the Americas (GMT -9 to GMT -4). While you can work from home, you can also work from a co-working space of your choice. We'll pay for it.

Some Of Our Benefits

  • Paid health insurance.
  • Life insurance.
  • Definite equipment.
  • One year of headspace account.
  • Remote work.
  • Flexible vacation time.
  • Monthly co-working space reimbursement.
  • Working alongside a group of motivated, diverse, and curious professionals.

Show Me The Money

We value transparency. Your compensation will be between USD 65,000 and USD 75,000 per year, depending on your performance during the selection process, as well as your knowledge and experience level.

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