Python / Node.js Developer in Wolf SpA


Santiago (Chile) — Full time

Programming | Semi Senior

Salary: $3000 - 6000 USD/month

Wolf is revolutionizing the temp staffing industry. We are building the world's most advanced staffing platform that allows any temporary staffing company to become 'On Demand staffing'.

After being in business for years, We are now building a new platform from scratch with latest technologies and complete focus on Machine Learning and Robotic process automation.

We are based out of New York and Chile. Currently hiring in Chile.

Job requirements

We are looking for developers to join as product team member to ownership and collaborate on the creation of a Cloud Native app. Automation and Autonomy are foundation of the product through intensive use of intelligence (ML) and advanced patterns such as autonomous agents and events driven architectures.

Experience programing primarily on Python (3) and secondary on Node.js (ES6) is required. Previous experience working on NoSql & Firebase is a big plus.
Also is required experience on:

  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Declarative Infrastructure as Code
  • MicroServices and 12factor apps
  • Unit testing and Functional Testing
  • Packaging (Containers, PaaS, Serverless)
  • Document databases
  • Public Cloud providers as Google, AWS or Azure.

Desirable skills

Experience on the next subjects are highly evaluated:

  • Reactive programing
  • Event driven Architectures
  • Containers/Jobs Schedulers and Orchestrators
  • Secrets management
  • Security as Code (Continuous Security)

Additionally will be considered

  • Event sourcing
  • Deployments pattern: Blue/Green, Canary, Highlander.
  • Service mesh
  • API GW
  • Machine Learning


Full time contract with health and all other standard benefits.
We are an international team from NY and Chile working together here in Chile.
Pick your own project: We allow everyone to pick on the project they want to work on within the product.

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About Wolf SpA

We take conventional temporary staffing companies and give them the superpower of on-demand staffing. — Wolf SpA's full profile

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