Senior Release Engineer in Fusemachines

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Fusemachines is a leading AI strategy, talent, and education services, provider. Founded by Sameer Maskey Ph.D., Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University, Fusemachines has a core mission of democratizing AI. With a presence in 4 countries (Nepal, the United States, Canada, and the Dominican Republic and more than 250 full-time employees) Fusemachines seeks to bring its global expertise in AI to transform companies around the world.

Job functions


  • Develop and maintain engineer-facing build, test, profile, configure, and release tooling
  • Serve as an owner of the tools used by engineers for incremental build, test, profiling, and release engineering
  • Serve as a partner with Engineering leaders in the continuous process of maintaining the cannon of “Best Practices” including the policy judgments made around code style, documentation conventions, calling patterns, and library use
  • Serve as an owner of the totality of code in the repo and engage in ongoing initiatives to keep all tests passing
  • Address core design and stability issues across the stack; troubleshoot release failures for production and lab environments
  • Serve as an owner of the CI and unit testing frameworks, environment, and tooling around them
  • Define and optimize the environment defined by a “correct” checkout of the dev environment, the associated automated tooling, as well as the “correct” integration with various IDEs and profiling

Qualifications and requirements


  • 5+ years of experience in various OS’es, particularly Linux (and Windows as a bonus)
  • 5+ years of professional experience in Python and/or Java
  • 3+ years of professional experience in Shell Scripting
  • Expert in build systems such as Gradle and Jenkins - able to integrate, and automate such systems with tooling for scalable build and deployment
  • Strong understanding of Linux processes and cloud and edge computing stacks
  • Strong in agile methodology leveraging source control, CI/CD, telemetry, and test-driven methodology and tools.
  • Experienced with cloud technology such as AWS and Azure


Fully remote You can work from anywhere in the world.

Remote work policy

Fully remote

Candidates can reside anywhere in the world.

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