Software Engineer (Junior or Above) in EMURGO

Closed job - No longer receiving applicants

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Cardano is a 3rd generation blockchain platform with more advanced features than any protocol yet developed, and the first one to evolve out of a scientific philosophy, where feature development is driven by scientific peer reviewed white papers. Papers: Team: Good explanation about Cardano and Talk about Cardano (Español)

Cardano is not a company but a group of three organizations: IOHK, EMURGO and Cardano Foundation that work closely together. #EMURGO drives the adoption of #Cardano & adds value to #ADA holders. We build, invest in & advise projects that adopt Cardano blockchain.

EMURGO HQ are in Tokyo. But we also have presence in NY through our acceleration program dLab, India through our educational program to train over 2500+ developers. The R&D team is mostly a distributed team with devs in: USA, Japan, Russia, etc. More info about EMURGO in our webpage and in our Youtube channel.


We are looking for an Engineer or a developer with really strong CS skills to support the R&D department. Some of the main responsibilities will be:

- Support development of new products
- Maintenance of current projects
- Learning! (really important and we are happy to teach). Programming skills: Javascript (flow / typescript), Rust, Haskell and smart contract languages (like K-Framework and Plutus). Concepts: Blockchain, Finance, etc.
- Support some of our Investments and Startups (
- Conferences across the world.
- Content creation (blogs, videos, etc)

We are really proud of our technical capabilities and our welcoming culture. We also embrace open source and you can find most of our work open sourced:

Yoroi Chrome Extension (Light Wallet)
Yoroi Mobile (iOS and Android)
Icarus Importer (Full Node in Haskell)

Yoroi is a light wallet for Cardano. It's secure, fast and simple. All the cryptography was coded in Rust and compiled to WebAssembly, where it's used by Javascript with Flow. Please feel free to ask us any questions :)


· 5+ years of experience in Software development. (If you just graduated it’s okay)
・Really Strong CS Skills (you should know about data structures, Big O notation, breadth first search (BFS) and depth first search (DFS), etc).
・Experience with a strongly typed programming language.
・Experience with SQL and/ or non-SQL databases.
・Basic Linux.
・Good level of English.

Most of the work will be done with Javascript (Flow / Typescript) and maybe Rust.

Nice to have

 ・Javascript (ES6) / Flow or Typescript
 ・1+ years of experience in React / Redux
 ・1+ years of experience Node.js
 ・APIs REST design
 ・Rust and/or Haskell
 ・Engineer degree from one of the top universities


Remote work with flexible hours. Possibilities to learn more about programming, blockchain, formal methods, different cultures, etc. We strongly support learning and knowledge sharing. Also most of our work is open source.

Payment above the average of the South American market. We are not looking for "good price", but skills and responsibility. We know that in South America, there is super good talent and that is why we are expanding our search in South America specially in Chile.

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