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MagmaLabs is an ecommerce and software consultancy that builds software solutions for emerging, mid-size, and growing companies using innovative technologies, top talent, and nearshore teams. We are looking for at least 5 Senior Software Engineers to join the engineering department here at MagmaLabs, with extensive experience building web applications using business-grade technologies using Ruby on Rails, updating apps with new versions of Rails, that enjoy unit testing, who are always looking for optimal performance and have an interest in providing comprehensive and high-quality solutions to customers.

As a Sr. Software Engineer Ruby on Rails you will:

  • Assist clients providing technical solutions to scale their business needs
  • Implement technical solutions using Ruby on Rails in the backend —sometimes with rich front-end technologies such as React
  • Participate in making architecture and application design decisions that result in reliable, extensible, and maintainable software
  • Mentor fellow team members via formal/informal code reviews and pair programming
  • Plan and implement strategies to ensure proper operation on a diverse web browser and mobile platforms, as well as accessibility best practices
  • Prepare technical documentation when needed
  • Implement testing strategies that strike an ideal balance between the unit and other types of automated testing
  • Collaborate with our QA department to create integration testing scenarios whenever they are involved in your project
  • Train yourself to master the tools, languages, and libraries that we use every day
  • Interview potential new hires
  • Exercise technical leadership at a company-wide level and influence the technology and approaches that we take with new clients
  • Estimate projects using 3 point estimate and PERT estimation techniques
  • Promote industry best practices such as continuous integration and delivery
  • Lead by example, take responsibility and work confidently with flexibility and autonomy as a senior member of MagmaLabs
  • Contribute back to the open source projects
  • Applying design patterns to application and systems design
  • Agile software development such as extreme programming or scrumban
  • Preparation of written technical specifications
  • Familiarity with UNIX and cloud platforms such as AWS. Serverless experience is considered a plus
  • Fundamental experience with DevOps such as deployments, monitoring, and troubleshooting
  • Real experience with security, such as knowledge of the most common cyber attacks documented by OWASP

You may be a fit for this role if you:

  • Boast precise and effective communication with clients and teammates in either English or Spanish
  • Enjoy working remotely without supervision
  • Have a positive attitude towards new challenges and problem-solving
  • Have remarkable attention to detail
  • Commit to doing what you said you would do; for example: “I’ll get back to you once I find out why the issue is happening or give an update at the end of the day about the progress” and actually send the update before stop working
Within month one, you will:
  • Day 1.- Be the guest of honor at your MagmaLabs Onboarding, where you will learn about MagmaLabs culture, processes, and the reason behind why we do what we do.
  • Day 2.- Be assigned to your POD team and meet your Senior Consultant, who will be responsible for your career path, 1:1 meetings, and Performance Management.
  • Week 1.- Set your SMART Goals, KPI's, and review your personalized career path and training plan aligned with your personal interests and MagmaLabs’ needs.
  • Week 2-4.- Be ready to be working with our clients or with our internal products from our product branch.

Technical requirements you must have:
  • Ruby on Rails (4+ years)*
  • Postgresql, MySQL (4+ years)
  • AWS: S3, ELB, RDS, Elasticache (1+ year)
  • Javascript, React/Angular/Vue (2+ year)
  • Rspec + Cucumber a plus
  • *We are open to receive applications with less experience: in case you have worked in a Rails application for at least 2 years, don't hesitate to apply.
*** Applications must be submitted in english***

What we offer

  • Flexible schedule.
  • At least 10 days of vacations per year.
  • No dress code
  • Training plan, continuous learning.
Our growth culture:
  • Career Path: Our engineering ladder gives you the support and training you need to keep growing as a software engineer. For example, you'll have the opportunity to get some mentorship by our Chief Consultant Obie Fernandez, author of “The Rails Way” series and one of the most famous Ruby on Rails experts globally.

Wellness program Magmalabs offers or subsidies mental and/or physical health activities.
Fully remote You can work from anywhere in the world.
Pet-friendly Pets are welcome at the premises.
Flexible hours Flexible schedule and freedom for attending family needs or personal errands.
Company retreats Team-building activities outside the premises.
Informal dress code No dress code is enforced.

Remote work policy

Fully remote

Candidates can reside anywhere in the world.

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Sr Software Engineer Ruby on Rails
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