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Senior Quality Analyst in Clipboard Health

Closed job - No longer receiving applicants

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Clipboard Health is a profitable, post Series B company that is part of Top 100 YC Companies
We exist to lift as many people up the socioeconomic ladder as possible. The average nursing assistant without a college degree makes $36k a year; the average nursing assistant on Clipboard Health makes $53k a year and the top 5% make $74k a year. We dramatically improve lives, by letting healthcare professionals turn extra time & ambition into career growth. We have healthcare professionals texting us photos of a car they were finally able to buy, a school & church they’re building in their native Haiti with money they earn here, and more.
We’re a post Series B, extremely fast growing startup with classic two-sided network effects. We’ve grown 6x (across all key metrics) in the last 11 months and need your help to keep growing to serve more healthcare professionals, healthcare facilities, and patients.

Job functions

What’s weird about working with us?
  • We care, a lot. Our CEO spends substantial time regularly doing customer service, and many of our healthcare professionals and healthcare facility clients have her personal cell phone number.
  • We are globally distributed. Just on the engineering team we have folks from: the United States, Chile, Mongolia, Turkey, India, Ukraine, Indonesia, Brazil, Columbia… and that’s just from folks who’ve joined us so far this year.
  • We take our values seriously: our COO literally has a handmade Curiosity Initiative and Ownership sign on his wall (you’ll see it if you videocall him).
  • We have more engineers than we “need” on purpose. It makes us fast (many features go from idea to production in 2-4 weeks). It also allows small teams to see a problem, and just go fix it. A team went off and created a new SaaS product, another team rewrote a core service under a new architecture.
  • One thing we value is that we have no “toes” here to be stepped on. See a problem? Go ahead and fix it, you don’t need permission.

Qualifications and requirements

You’re good at:
  • Creating test plans that catch would-be issues before they reach production
  • Building and maintaining Mobile & Web UI test automation and API test automation
  • Proactive and clear communication with stakeholders to communicate product quality issues and identify root cause
  • Participating in the full software development cycle from feature spec and design to deployment and release

Desirable skills

Extra Awesome if you are:
  • A fan of the speed of startups, having worked at one or more (including maybe your own) before.
  • Familiar with modern testing frameworks or services like:,, and


Perks of Working with us:
  • Do great work that matters, in healthcare, for customers who could really use your help
  • $0 deductible medical plans, plus dental and vision
  • Zero commute. Work wherever you are, globally (but on or around US Pacific Time hours)

Fully remote You can work from anywhere in the world.
Flexible hours Flexible schedule and freedom for attending family needs or personal errands.
Informal dress code No dress code is enforced.

Remote work policy

Fully remote

Candidates can reside anywhere in the world.

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