Data Conversion Service for ESO

Sysadmin Senior para Paranal in Data Conversion Service

Closed job - No longer receiving applicants

This job is posted by Data Conversion Service on behalf of ESO.

Data Conversion Service S.A. (DSC). Consultora de Servicios TI, de profesionales Informáticos, ubicada en Ginebra Suiza hace mas de 20 años y desde el 2006 con sucursal en el Chile. Se encuentra en búsqueda de profesionales, que tengan interés en la transformación digital, para un importante cliente de retail.

Nuestro cliente està apostando a la transformación digital, construyendo soluciones y procedimientos.
Se trabaja con metodologías ágiles y se ofrece grato ambiente laboral. Si estás interesado favor postula con nosotros.

Funciones del cargo

You will work at ESO, in Paranal, the European Southern Observatory, it is the main intergovernmental organization in Europe and the most productive astronomical observatory in the world.


  • Manage systems with servers
  • Manage Ticket System
  • Monitor system performance
  • Ability to generate process automation scripts
  • Maintain the operational continuity of the systems and promote the conduct and development of research in the field of systems.

Requerimientos del cargo

Senior Level:

5 years of experience with Linux servers and clients

GlusterFS experience

3 years of experience as sysadmin with

• Linux servers

• Linux clients

• NAS and SAN

• Virtualization

• UNIX, eg. Solaris, HP-UX

• Ticketing systems

• Monitoring tools, e.g. Nagios




• Brocade

• NetApp

• Fujitsu Storage



In Paranal You will be 8 days on site (with free board and lodging) and will then be 6 days off (vacation). Monday – Sunday, nal You will be 8 days on site (with free board and lodging) and will then be 6 days off (vacation). Monday – Sunday, including public holidays in Chile, 08:00 – 19:00 local time

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