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A coach to kickstart your career.

Coach Pro shows you how recruiters see you, gives you exclusive access to tech job market insights, and helps you improve your professional profile.
Every week, a tip tailored for you

Every week, a tip tailored for you

We analyze your profile using Artificial Intelligence and combine it with exclusive data from Get on Board to deliver valuable, personalized, and actionable recommendations every week.

How much you should charge?

How much you should charge?

Are you asking too much? Too little? Coach Pro provides you with the salary expectation trends of professionals similar to you, so you're never in the dark about how much salary to ask for.

Real-time new job alerts

Real-time new job alerts

Coach Pro sends you real-time notifications as soon as a job matching your preferences is posted.

What skills is the IT market looking for?

What skills is the IT market looking for?

Coach Pro provides you with a report on the skills and technologies most in-demand for the positions you're interested in, so you can make better education decisions.

Competitiveness analyzer

Competitiveness analyzer Soon

Should you spend your time applying to this job? Coach Pro will help you understand if you stand a chance to get the position and whether you should apply or not.

Real-time applicant trends

Real-time applicant trends Soon

How active is a job? Coach Pro shows you the activity of the last 24 hours for the jobs you're interested in.

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An intelligent and always up-to-date report with your applications.

Coach Pro is regularly updated to incorporate your results into the selection processes as you follow its recommendations, complete your profile, and apply to more jobs.

Once recruiters review your applications and provide feedback about you, Coach Pro will indicate which aspects they are valuing in your profile and which they believe require improvement.

Every week, Coach Pro provides you with a new tip, and we periodically update salary trends to reflect what's happening in the market in real time.

Personalized tips every week.

Personalized tips every week.

See real examples of Coach Pro delivering you actionable, tailored suggestions so you can improve your chances in applications and job interviews.

Never apply blindly again.

Never apply blindly again.

Getting feedback from companies you apply to is almost impossible. It's very hard to understand what other professionals are asking for. Career counseling is expensive. Coach Pro is your navigation chart to guide you in your job search and make your applications much more accurate.

Your professional coach. Instantly. For less than you pay for Netflix.

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Be the first to apply to new jobs that match your profile.

Get AI-powered tips on recruiter feedback.

Get tailored recommendations to improve your job applications.

Discover exclusive salary trends for your profile.

Your personalized career coach.