UX Leader in Get on Board

Closed job - No longer receiving applicants

Did you hear about Get on Board? Well, you’re looking at it right now :) We are set to shape and transform the digital job market in Latin America, giving startups and tech innovators the spotlight they deserve and helping talented digital professionals find better, more fulfilling workplaces.
We can only realize this mission if we expand and grow, and this is where you come into play.
Good design is part of the Get on Board's DNA. Beyond branding and look & feel, it is key for us to build and maintain a culture of design as we scale — "design" understood as an elegant, thoughtful way of solving problems.

🚀 Your role

In Get on Board you will:

  • Be one step ahead of our roadmap, designing what we'll build next — informed by feedback from users, benchmarking and your own research. We cannot stress enough how important this work is.
  • Check constantly with the sales and support team, spotting emerging needs and wants.
  • Work side by side with the dev team (which is familiar with UX and accessibility principles, so be prepared to defend your design choices).
  • Take regular dives into our data and analytics in order to spot new opportunities for improving user engagement.
  • Be constantly watching for consistency, elegance and impeccability in every single new thing we build.

🔥 The skills

This role is 30% product design, 30% interaction design, 30% growth hacking and only 10% visual design. You don't need a beautiful portfolio to apply. But you absolutely must:

  • Have a solid understanding of building experiences and user flows for multi-device, digital products and services. "Solid" means you've been doing this for at least the last 6 years.
  • Have an innate ability to simplify and abstract.
  • Base your design decisions in evidence and probe your hypotheses using data. You must have experience conducting product experiments (e.g. A/B tests) to impact key metrics.
  • Possess impeccable written skills and vocabulary, both in Spanish and English.
  • Love feedback. Not just "tolerate" feedback or "try-your-best-not-to-look-pissed-while-receiving" feedback. You L-O-V-E giving and receiving feedback, and never weaponize it or take it personally.

🥰 How your role evolves

  • At the beginning, you'll be a team of one, so you definitely are someone that enjoys wearing multiple hats.
  • Over time, you'll have a small team of UX and UI designers as your direct reports.
  • If you prove to be excellent, in the long run you might end up being in charge of multiple product teams and overseeing design as a strategic matter.

🙅 Please don't even bother to apply if you:

  • Never led a UX or a design team building digital interfaces.
  • Never had to work side by side with a dev team.
  • Are a rockstar, a lone wolf or have trouble being critiqued or sharing credit for your work.
  • Don't like to do customer support (everyone at Get on Board does it).
  • Can't show evidence of how your work impacted a business metric.

💯 Bonus points

Not required, but you will definitely stand out from the crowd if:
  • You have worked for US/European startups or tech companies.
  • You have worked for SaaS and/or HR/recruiting projects.
  • You can maintain fluid, nuanced spoken conversations in English (aside from Spanish).

💌 What we offer

We are an unconventional, contrarian company, and you’ll definitely enjoy working with a small team of smart people in a no-bullshit, respectful, honest, extremely agile environment. In addition to that:
  • Flexible work: as long as you deliver, you will enjoy a fully flexible schedule. This job is compatible with family, kids, sports, music bands and hobbies.
  • Truly remote work. As long as you maintain at least 5 hours of overlap with EST timezone and have fast Internet, you can be wherever you want.
  • A compensation that grows alongside our success and your performance.
  • If based in Santiago or Lima, you can cowork with us!

Fully remote You can work from anywhere in the world.
Pet-friendly Pets are welcome at the premises.
Equity offered This position includes equity compensation (in the form of stock options or another mechanism).
Flexible hours Flexible schedule and freedom for attending family needs or personal errands.
Company retreats Team-building activities outside the premises.
Informal dress code No dress code is enforced.
Vacation on birthday Your birthday counts as an extra day of vacation.
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