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Big Data Full-Stack Developer Senior en AmigoCloud

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AmigoCloud believes that Geospatial Technology should be accessible everywhere by everyone. From the smallest company and town to the largest cities and global corporations, using AmigoCloud allows them to use geospatial data and technology to make informed decisions.

Our goal is to create the most advanced, geospatial platform in the world by leveraging the latest technologies, open data, and industry standards.

Now we have the opportunity to bring the best technical knowledge and experience back to Peru. We are working with two amazing projects alongside with the Defense and Interior departments to improve the way the Peruvian government collects their data.

Job requirements


This opening is for a member of the AmigoCloud Profesional Services Team. What we are looking for is experience and skills in frontend and backend development. The frontend is primarily Javascript and related frameworks like Angular and React/Redux. On the backend, we use Python, Django, and Postgres but some projects require a wide range of technologies like Neo4j, ElasticSearch, Redis, Scrappy, NLTK, Stanford CoreNLP and TensorFlow.

We run our software on both hybrid clouds and bare-metal hardware using tools like Docker and Kubernetes with Ubuntu as our preferred OS. Some of the projects required big data toolings like Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, Accumulo, HBase, and Kafka. Knowing your way around developer tools in the JVM space comes handy for working with many of these technologies as well as some working knowledge of C and C++.

Required skills

  • Self-motivated, passionate about software engineering, always learning new tricks with a strong background in Computer Science with excellent written and verbal skills in both Spanish and English
  • Considerable programming experience using object-oriented techniques with languages like Python, Java, Javascript, Scala, C# or C++
  • Strong analysis, design, implementation and testing skills including adequate debugging experience and problem-solving skills applied to software and processes
  • Good knowledge of Linux/Unix, including but not limited to RHEL, Ubuntu, or CentOS.
  • Basic networking, security and scripting languages experience (Bash, Python, Ruby, etc)
  • Experience developing using a relational database like PostgreSQL and/or MySQL ideally in cluster mode.
  • Working web development skills including HTML, CSS, Javascript and relevant tooling in the web ecosystem including build tools, testing libraries, package managers, CSS libraries like Bootstrap and frameworks like Angular, React/Redux and Django.
  • Adequate knowledge and experience working with protocols like TCP/IP, HTTP, Web Sockets, TLS, and oAuth among others.
  • Familiarity with source control tools like Git and collaborations products GitHub, Gitlab and CI/CD software like Jenkins.
  • Experience with ETL processes and interoperability setups working with formats like CSV, XML, JSON and implementing/consuming SOAP and REST web services.

Desired skills

  • Any GIS, mapping, geo, location and statistical data processing knowledge and experience
  • Experience working with microservices using Kubernetes, Docker, or similar tools
  • Experience working in Big Data processing environments including MapReduce, Hadoop, Spark and the like.
  • Experience working with machine-learning and text-mining libraries.

We expect to find in you an skilled and well-rounded professional that is great at communicating, being smart and gettings things done. We expect all of our developers to upgrade their skills on the job while helping our clients reach their goals by building and integrating advanced software.


  • Unlimited Vacation - We do ask that you fulfill your responsibilities in a professional and honest manner
  • Flexible Hours - We want you to be able to be there for the moments in life that are important rather than chained to an office
  • Lots of growth opportunity (Many of our employees have gone on to work for larger companies like Google)
  • Our technology stack is large and varied (from bare metal to cloud services and from small web services to integrate the latest open source libraries and technologies)
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