How do I unlock professional information in Talent Database?

In Get on Board, you will find a talent pool of +500K technology professionals, which you can search directly in the Talent Database if you have an active subscription plan.

When you perform a search in Talent Database, you will see a list of professionals that match the filters used. By clicking on each of them, you will see their professional and academic profile, but their contact information (email, social networks, etc) will remain blocked.

To access the contact information of each professional, you will have to unlock it using a credit of the fee according to your subscription. Once unlocked, you will have access to their information for up to 1 year and you won't need to use another credit to invite them to apply for your jobs.

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When you invite professionals to apply to your job from Talent Database, you can customize the subject and the message to send, or use the default pre-filled ones.

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