Let the jobs come to you by adding your tech skills to your profile

In Get on Board you can add your technical skills that will help you position your profile in a better way in front of companies.
To do this you can click on the 'Add skills' button on your job dashboard, or on the 'Edit your profile' option in the options menu.

Edit your profile > Add skills

Once you have clicked on the option, a modal will appear in which you can add your technical skills (programming languages, tools, frameworks, etc)(*).  You can add up to 10 skills in your profile.

(*) If you want to add a technical skill and it does not appear in the list, you can write to info@getonbrd.com requesting us to add it.

Add up to 10 skills

After selecting the skill you must specify the level, from beginner to expert. If you have any certification of it, you can add the URL to your diploma or certificate.
Define your level and include a link to a certificate (if you have one)
Once you have added your skills, they will be grouped according to experience level. Skills with a certificate will be displayed with a medal next to them 🎖

Skills grouped by level of experience
You will be able to edit your skills at any time, increasing your experience level or adding certificates. You can also delete them to add others that are more relevant to the position you are looking for.

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