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Find answers to your most frequent questions when recruiting and applying to jobs using Get on Board.

How can I create message templates to use in my selection processes?

How can I send messages to all applicants at once?

If I apply for a job, can I send messages to the company?

How can I pin messages from applicants?

How can I reply to applicants' messages from my email?

How can the person I invited to apply for my job contact me?

What happens when I withdraw my application for a job?

Problem with my application: "Enter a valid value"

How do I know if the company is checking the applications for their job?

How long does it take to inform me if I was selected in a process I applied for?

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How can I notify applicants when they have been discarded from the screening process?

How to use the process board (Kanban) effectively?

Which discard reasons can I select in my selection process?

How to describe your company briefly and effectively

How are a company's response times calculated?

What happens when a selection process is closed?

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My account was disabled or locked, what should I do?

What's an ATS software?

What is the difference between closing and unpublishing a process?

What is an unlock or unlocking a job?

How can you facilitate communication with professionals through Get on Board?

How can I apply for a job in a foreign country?

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Can I reopen a closed process?

What is the difference between duplicate and re-opening a process?

If I forgot to close an old process on the platform, is it mandatory to close it and notify the applicants that they have been discarded?

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What are Get on Board's Webhooks useful for?

How do I unlock professional information in Talent Database?

How can I download or export my job information to Excel (CSV)?

Why do I have to specify the gross salary in my job?

How can I boost my job?

How can I duplicate or clone a selection process?

How to set up email notifications for your jobs

How can I change or modify the category of my job?

Will I be notified if I have not been selected in a process?

How many users can I have in my company account?

How can I recover a process that I deleted by mistake?