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Corbin & Brooks is a small privately owned fully remote software and web development company.

We work closely with a small number of clients on a long term basis to develop web and software applications and serve as their development team for their projects. We are currently looking for competent developers who are ready to jump into a diverse set of projects and start contributing clean code to dynamic web and mobile applications.

Job requirements

The right applicant for this position should:

1. Have experience and interest in working with JavaScript, NodeJS, .NET, C++.
2. Have a love of coding and be passionate about learning new technologies.
3. Be excited about working remotely with a flexible schedule.
4. Be willing to co-code and work with a small team of developers to solve problems using tools such as Asana, Slack and Google Hangouts.
5. Speak and write English language fluently.
6. Feel confident solving complex technical problems with minimal assistance from other team members.
7. Feel open to learning new skills, and willing to dive into projects where learning new skills is necessary.

Experience with c#, python, React, angular, AWS, and Linux VPS administration a plus.

The applicant must be able to demonstrate advanced coding skill during a live interview, where they will be tasked with writing code to solve specific problems.

Our ideal candidate has been coding professionally for at least 3 years. This position is a full time contract position, with an expectation of approx. 40 hours of work per week at your discretion.

Desirable skills

Experience with JavaScript, NodeJS, C++ and .NET are required.

Experience with React, c#, python, angular, AWS, and Linux VPS administration are a plus.

Candidates who are advanced developers and feel confident about learning new languages when needed for a project are ideal.


We are a fully remote team and our employees have great flexibility in terms of work hours, vacation time, etc…

We are small team of developers who have a positive attitude, enjoy a low stress work environment, and good communication.

We frequently learn new technologies for new clients and projects.

We primarily use Asana and Google Hangouts for team communication.

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