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Senior Rails and React Developer in Get on Board


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Programming | Senior

Salary: $4400 - 4500 USD/month

Equity offered

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Did you hear about Get on Board? Well, you’re looking at it right now 😉. We are set to shape and transform the digital job market in Latin America, giving startups and tech innovators the spotlight they deserve and helping talented digital professionals find better, more fulfilling workplaces.

We can only realize this mission if we expand and grow, and this is where you come into play.

🚀 Your role

Our product was born a technology company, so we serve code for breakfast every day and it is very important it tastes and looks good. You will:

  1. Work side by side with the UX and UI teams.
  2. Face challenging problems that need high levels of abstraction in order to design simple solutions.
  3. Build epic features that go through the whole stack: Ruby on Rails, React, SQL, background jobs, and/or integrate with APIs.
  4. Leave the code better than you found it.
  5. Code a lot of tests in all their flavors.
  6. Write documentation. Knowledge is useless unless other people have access to it, and we are obsessed with documenting everything we know or learn.
  7. Mentor and pair with entry/mid-level engineers to help develop their skills.
  8. Review a lot of code. Expect some days with five or six pull requests.
  9. Talk to and support our customers and users frequently via chat, mail, or phone. We code for them, so we like to talk to them.
  10. You will be part of a collaborative environment. At Get on Board we are a team, and it's important to support each other in the company.

💻 Your skills

Our current tech stack includes: A Ruby on Rails monolith, Haml/Vanilla JS/React at the frontend, PostgreSQL and Redis databases, MemCache and Elastic Search servers and Sidekiq to execute background jobs. Then, Amazon S3 and SES, CloudFront, Mixpanel and Stripe.

We care about expertise, not just experience. We never stop learning —and you will learn a lot with us— but when it comes to the list below, we expect to also learn from you:

  1. Ruby and RoR, JavaScript and React. You are very proficient and kind of obsessive with performance and code legibility and elegance.
  2. Git commands and git workflow
  3. PostgreSQL. It is not enough to know some SQL, you must be able to write complex queries when using Active Record is not enough.
  4. How to design and build a REST API. You can explain what happens under the hood when an URL is requested.
  5. Programming in general. Your code is clean and simple, you know and use encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism.
  6. Writing and reading in Spanish and English. We are a remote team, which demands being great at communicating ideas or document processes.

💯 Bonus points

You will stand out if you:

  1. Contribute to one or several open source project(s) 💪
  2. Have worked remotely before. It sounds easy but working without people around for hours and with all the distractions of the internet is challenging and takes skills
  3. Know other programming languages. Being polyglot is a blessing.

Also: sadly, the tech industry has a lot of biases and prejudices. If you have had to overcome any kind of bias (gender, sexual, racial, nationality, class) in order to forge a career as a senior dev, we WANT to meet you.

❤️ Our offer to you

We are an unconventional, contrarian company, and you’ll definitely enjoy working with a small team of smart people in a no-bullshit, respectful, honest, and extremely agile environment.

Enjoy working in one of the first fully remote startups of Latin America (7 years and counting!).

In addition to that:

  • Flexible work: as long as you deliver, you will enjoy a fully flexible schedule. This job is compatible with family, kids and homeschooling, sports, music bands and hobbies.
  • Truly remote work. As long as you maintain at least 5 hours of overlap with GMT-3 timezone and have fast Internet, you can be wherever you want.
  • A compensation that grows permanently alongside your performance.
  • Stock options. If Get on Board is successful, you will be too.

Wellness program Get on Board offers or subsidies mental and/or physical health activities.
Fully remote You can work from anywhere in the world.
Equity offered This position includes equity compensation (in the form of stock options or another mechanism).
Flexible hours Flexible schedule and freedom for attending family needs or personal errands.
Internal talks Get on Board offers space for internal talks or presentations during working hours.
Speaker travel If you speak at a conference, Get on Board will cover your expenses.
Company retreats Team-building activities outside the premises.
Computer repairs Get on Board covers some computer repair expenses.
Conference stipend Get on Board covers tickets and/or some expenses for conferences related to the position.
Informal dress code No dress code is enforced.
Vacation on birthday Your birthday counts as an extra day of vacation.

Remote work policy

Fully remote

Candidates can reside anywhere in the world.

About Get on Board

This is us! We are set to shape and transform the digital job market in Latin America, giving startups and tech innovators the spotlight they deserve and helping talented digital professionals find better, more fulfilling workplaces. — Get on Board's full profile

Senior Rails and React Developer
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