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Admetricks is a business intelligence service that lets you know where and how much brands are investing in online advertising and has become an essential tool for agencies and marketing departments. One of the achievements that stands out the most, and that brings back great memories, is having won the Start-up Chile DemoDay in 2013.

They have been in business for 6 years, but the last 6 months have been different: they went from having a presence in 6 to 18 countries. Today there are already 21 people, some in Providencia, in Santiago, and others in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Bogota, San José, and São Paulo, "closer to the clients, where we have to be".

They have interesting challenges ahead: to develop and improve their new intelligence product for social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter) and to improve the quality of advertising investment data for brands in the countries they are monitoring.

Patricio del Sol (CTO), Felipe del Sol (CEO), and Victor Rojas (Lead Engineer) talked with us.

Admetricks team
Get on Board: What is the day-to-day work at Admetricks like?

Patricio: We start the day with a standup at 9:30, the whole company (Commercial and Technology). On Mondays, we plan the week with all areas and set weekly objectives for each member. Before leaving the meeting we have a 10-minute meditation.

On Thursdays, we have a 30-minute meeting in which the whole company participates and one person from each area presents what their team did during the week. The person presenting rotates, so everyone gets a chance to present. The best presenter wins a half-day off.

We do planning every month, we estimate with poker and finally, everyone takes tasks and sets the goal for the month. The whole company gets a bonus for meeting these monthly objectives.

Felipe: Several people work remotely: 3 in the technology team and 5 sales representatives in the different offices.

Patricio: There is also the 1-1s, once a month. Birthdays are celebrated with breakfast. The Commercial team has breakfast every Friday. With the Chile team, we go on outings more or less every three months, and once a year, those in other countries come and we get together. From time to time we do coaching activities. We have always kept a garden, several of them are concerned about the plants.

G: What is your current technological stack?

Patricio: Yikes. In production: Linux, Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, Serverless, Jenkins, Docker, Nuxt, Jupyter, Kibana, Raspberry Pi... all this at the scale of hundreds.

G: What attributes do you value most when hiring a person?

Patricio: First that they are humble and intelligent (rational and emotional). In the evaluations, that they answer something impressive, something beyond our expectations or knowledge.

For example, we asked an applicant - who had not even finished studying a humanities degree - to do a crawling exercise in Python and his code was clearer and neater than any typical university engineer.
The team rafting in Maipo river

G: What makes Admetricks' work environment different?

Felipe: Professionalism and fun. Responsibility in exchange for flexibility. We are always open to any contribution in all areas for the best development of the company.

Patricio: Common sense. The absence of egos, collaboration, how a colleague cares about you and helps you more than you expect.

From the first day, Felipe went to visit potential clients on a skateboard. When he arrived at the office, he would leave his skateboard with the secretary or enter the meeting on his skateboard. To this day many clients say "and where did you leave the skateboard?" and make jokes.

Victor: The backstage of the videos we make as greetings during festivities (like this one) is a very funny moment, lots of laughs, it doesn't matter so much to make a fool of yourself, everyone can be a star.

"The (professional) growth is not vertical because the company is not vertical."

G: How does someone grow professionally at Admetricks?

Pato: It's not really that people grow upwards, they grow forwards or sideways, and it's quite personal. For example, I used to talk a lot and listen little, Felipe and Victor the opposite. Now the roles are reversed. We all grew.

Or in other words, the company grows, it has a rhythm of advancement. We are all obliged to move forward. Whoever does not move forward is left behind and cannot continue with us. Not growing ends up leading you to leave.

Growth is not vertical because the company is not vertical.

"(There is) little bureaucracy between your idea and the launch to production."

Board games' afternoon
G: Why should a person choose Admetricks as a place to work?

Felipe: Because we believe that work should never be boring, we will make you find your work challenging and it will have a great impact on the company and the industry we serve worldwide.

Victor: Because of the little bureaucracy between your idea and the launch to production. We are constantly changing what doesn't work, trying new things. If we stand still we explode. That your work is perceived directly by the client. There is no such thing as "I can't".


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