AwesomeCompanies, episode 3: Tekton Labs


Tekton Labs is a technology consulting firm based in Lima, which proposes innovative solutions to solve the needs and problems of its clients. In its 11 years, they have achieved important goals, such as incorporating a company in Mexico and developing projects with universities such as Stanford, FIU, and Penn, among others.

They have a team of more than 100 people, distributed in their offices in San Francisco, Charlotte, Mexico City, and Lima, and with clients in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Peru.

For 2019, the projects are clear: to consolidate in Mexico at a commercial level and to have a development center there, focused on the local and North American market. Jeffrey Pinedo (COO) and Gretel Deza (People Head) spoke with us.

Get on Board: What is the typical day-to-day at Tekton like?

Gretel: No day is the same, everyone decides whether they come to the office or prefer to work remotely from home. Also, it happens a lot that part of the team is in the offices we have around the world or in our clients' offices.

We have some traditions as a team as well. For example, when someone new joins us, we ring a bell and everyone stops what they are doing to listen to their presentation. We love chocolates, so the new person usually arrives with chocolates to share with the team after everyone introduces themselves and tells them about their favorite hobbies.

Jeffrey: We have teams organized by function, their locations are defined based on the project they are on at the time. The Project Manager, devs, QA, and UX on the same project share the same space and talk directly.

G: What is your current Tech stack?

Jeffrey: We develop using several technologies, including Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Node.JS, C#, Go, Python, React, Vue, Swift, Java and Kotlin.

G: How are important decisions made and communicated?

Gretel: Important decisions are made in a committee that, depending on the topic, may include different Team Leaders and/or key contributors from the organization.

When the web team was restructured, for example, we created a committee made up of the Team Leaders and key people in the company, with whom we developed the plan to follow for the restructuring, in addition to obtaining a list of all the questions and concerns that could arise at the time of communicating it to the rest of the team. Since it was an important decision, we could not have improvised answers; in the end, we are the ones who must provide security and stability to the whole team.

G: What attributes do you value the most when hiring a person?

Gretel: The most important thing is to get to know the candidate as a person. Then come the technical tests, in which we assess the candidate's problem-solving skills and how to research and detail-oriented he/she is.

As a result of both aspects, we define whether he or she has the right fit for the Tekton culture. English must be a must.

Our activities and processes are based on the commitment and trust we have in each other.

G: What makes the work environment at Tekton Labs different?

Jeffrey: We are a company with a fairly horizontal organization. We like to have open and non-differentiated environments to encourage the generation of ideas and take them into account. Our activities and process are based on the commitment and trust we have with each other. We could say that more than a team we are a family, we all support each other to grow as people and professionals.

Gretel Deza: We like to have fun. For example, as part of our Halloween celebrations, we come to the office in our pajamas and go about our normal day: we serve clients, interview candidates, and go out to lunch like this.

How does someone grow professionally at Tekton Labs?

Jeffrey: Continuous learning is one of our pillars. When a developer masters a technology he/she is usually already researching new ones, expanding his/her expertise, and therefore participating in larger and more complex projects.


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