How to become a successful UX writer


Article by: Nicole Garrison (Guest writer)

What does one need to become a UX writer? Some writing skills and understanding of the user experience fundamentals.

Now let’s tweak a question a bit. What does one need to become a successful UX writer?

Well, there is no simple answer to this question. The formula for success is a complex one, so let's start with simple steps. 

10 tips to become a successful UX writer

1. Collaboration is key

UX writers do not work in a vacuum. They work in teams and collaborate with designers, programmers, and other team members.

It means that to become a successful UX writer, you should have outstanding communication skills and be a great team player. Even more, you should understand the basic aspects of web design and programming logic.

Do you lack some of these skills or knowledge? Find a way to master them.

Read relevant books, enroll in specialized courses, or simply make friends with programmers and web designers, and learn more about their jobs.

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2. Develop your writing skills

No matter whether your writing skills levels are currently low, high, or super high, you should keep working on your skills. There is no limit to perfection, right? Don’t focus on UX projects only. If you want to reveal your writing talent, you should create something more than short UX copies. Consider starting a blog, publishing guest posts, or landing a freelance writing job. For instance, you can check writing websites like ClassyEssay and TopEssayWriting to find interesting projects to work on.

3. Learn more about marketing psychology

UX writing goes hand in hand with marketing psychology. It’s not always enough to be a good writer to create a remarkable UX copy. It’s also necessary to understand who the users are, what they want, and what drives them to make a purchase or to use a product.

The reciprocity principle, fear of missing out (FOMO), anchoring principle, loss aversion, cognitive fluency, to name a few, are psychology principles you should be aware of. The good news is that marketing psychology is a fascinating thing to study. By reading captivating books and case studies, you will learn the basic principles really fast.

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4. Improve your creative thinking

Let’s face it. A person who lacks creativity will never become a highly-paid UX writer.

If you want to become the best of the best expert in your niche, you should find a way to improve your creative thinking skills. Here are a few tips for you:

● Fight your fear of failure. Don’t be afraid to try out new approaches to UX writing.
● Keep a creativity journal. Make it a habit to write down all your brilliant ideas as soon as they come to your mind.
● Look for sources of inspiration. Read captivating books, watch good movies, and listen to quality music to find a variety of topics for your future writing projects. 
● Try “the six hats” technique. Every time you struggle to resolve a difficult situation, look at it from six different perspectives: emotional, objective, positive, negative, creative, and broad.

5. Watch trends

UX design industry is developing fast – new trends emerge every day.

As an expert in your niche, you should monitor market trends, read industry news, and keep an eye on your competitors’ projects. And most importantly, you should closely watch changes in users’ behavior. That will allow you to come up with the most relevant UX copy ideas and advance your career.

6. Leverage digital tools

To survive in the digital workplace, you should be a digitally literate person.

You should know how to complete the following tasks:

● Navigate design mockups or wireframes using tools like InVision, Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD 
● Edit and proofread UX copies using tools like Grammarly 
● Collaborate with team members and manage content using services like Notion or Trello

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7. Connect with other UX writers

Are you the only UX writer in your team? To grow professionally, you should stay connected with other UX writers. You should be able to discuss your ideas and industry news with someone from your field.

If you can’t connect with other UX writers offline, try to do it online. Find forums and blogs for UX writers and reach out to your peers.

8. Offer more than one solution to a problem

Do you want people to notice your UX writing talent? Come up with multiple solutions to each problem you are trying to solve.

Get your creative juices flowing and surprise your team with multiple novel ideas. Discuss your ideas with the experts from other fields, A/B test various options – and you will find the perfect solution.

9. Build a portfolio

Have you already started building a portfolio? If you haven’t done it yet, you should do it right now. Choose the best examples of your UX writing works, and describe each project in detail:

● What was an initial problem/task? 
● What research did you carry to verify the problem/complete the task? 
● What type of solution did you provide? 
● How did your solution benefit the project?

Provide screenshots, links to the products, and other materials to showcase your works in the most favorable light.

10. Don’t forget to take some rest

Being successful is not about working hard 24/7. It’s about finding a perfect work-life balance and being happy.

When you’re working, you should be entirely focused on the UX project. But when working hours are over, you need to switch your attention. You should spend time with your family and friends, work on your hobbies, or do other things that bring you joy.

Seriously. Your creative brain needs more downtime than you think. If you want to succeed in UX writing and life, you should get enough rest on a weekly basis.

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Wrapping it up

Remember one important thing: chasing success is no way to achieve it.

If you truly want to become a successful UX writer, don’t set a goal “to become better than others”. Do your job, and do it well.

Focus on selfdevelopment and finding perfect solutions – and then success will find you.

Nicole D. Garrison is a freelance writer and content creator. She runs a blog Live Inspired Magazine and works on the education writing project Subjecto with a mission to help students to improve their academic performance. She is a tech trend watcher and a true book lover.

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