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Access to an untapped tech talent pool

Tired of fighting with deep-pocketed tech companies for the same few rockstars? Access our unique database of 125,000+ Latin-American tech professionals.

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Why Concierge is like no other tech recruiter

The Concierge model leverages our platform and data to bring you candidates vetted based on real-world performance and cultural fit, with reliability and scale that no other recruiting solution can match.

Fast access to an untapped talent pool

Only Get on Board gives you easy, immediate access to thousands of tech professionals from Latin America.

Experts vet experts

Candidates are vetted for real-world performance by experts working in the position you are recruiting.

We vet skills, not CVs

No more guessing from a Linkedin profile or a CV; we measure candidates' real skills and cultural fit.

The best of humans and algorithms

We combine expert assessments with unique data from hundreds of thousands of applications sent in Get on Board.

We help you prevent biases

We test performance independently from gender, nationality, previous employers or any other bias.

Integrated directly with Get on Board

Track the whole process using Get on Board's modern recruiting tools. See Concierge processes alongside other hiring processes you may have, in one place.

High-quality candidates, in less than two weeks


Create the job description

We'll automatically tag your job with technologies, skills and cultural fit attributes that will help us connect it with database matches in the next step.


We'll find and invite the best matches

Once the job is launched, our algorithm will select and invite the best candidates in our database.


We'll filter candidates by real-world skills

Our experts, custom-selected for the job, will vet candidates using code, design or problem-solving challenges especially designed by them.


Secure hires

In two weeks or less, we'll present our selected candidates in your Get on Board dashboard, so you can interview and close hiring as soon as you are ready for a decision.

“We've never worked with recruiters as good and effective as Get on Board. The quality and quantity of applicants and their work ethics are unrivaled.”
— Telefónica I+D Chile

6,000+ companies trust Get on Board to find the best tech talent in Latin America.

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