How can I ensure that the right candidates apply for my job?

To ensure that the right candidates apply for your job, we recommend that you describe the position as clearly as possible and customize the application form according to your recruiting needs.

When creating your job, in step 2 you will see the standard questions that are included in all job applications, such as: professional profile and work experience; educational background and studies; why the applicant is interested in working in your company; and the expectations of the monthly net salary.

To filter candidates who apply for your job you can create additional questions to get extra information from them. The types of questions you can create are: 

  • Open questions (text field)
  • Selection questions (options). You can ask to select a single option or allow multiple choice. 
  • Code challenges (source code). You can define the programming language you want to evaluate or leave it to the applicant's choice. 

For all options, you must enter a statement of at least 10 characters. If you need to expand the question, you can add help text. For each additional question, you will be able to select whether they are mandatory (required) or not.

We recommend that you include a maximum of 3 additional questions to avoid discouraging interested candidates.

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