If I'm a recruiting or outsourcing company, should I identify my client's company?

The answer is yes: on Get on Board, you must always identify the company on which the professional will work. We know that it is an unusual policy since it is customary for many recruiting companies of IT professionals to recruit on behalf of their clients without identifying them. 

We know that in many cases, posting ads hiding the hiring company's name is because the company has requested confidentiality about the employment. In other cases, the company that publishes it is the one that performs the outsourcing services and is the one that makes the hiring, even when the professional will be 100% working in another place.

Select 'I'm recruiting on behalf of another company' if the hiring employer is a different company than yours

However, publishing job ads without the information of the company on which the professional will work generates an asymmetry of information (the company knows a lot more than the candidates) and is detrimental to their experience when applying: 

  • Unable to know which company one person is going to enter, the candidates that are interested in applying to the job cannot investigate the workplace, the working practices, or the projects, in order to understand if it's a suitable place to work for them. Each company is different, even if they belong to the same sector. 
  • The professionals are not able to know, before applying, if it is a company where they have worked before. This can lead to some problems: Imagine, for example, that a professional - or someone closer to them - had a previous bad experience with a company. The professional will have no clue whatsoever if they are applying for that same company or not.  

At Get on Board, we ensure that professionals apply to transparent jobs and that they can have all the necessary information they need to decide if they are interested or not in a job. 

If you have a subscription, the possibility of publishing job ads confidentially exists, so only people of your choice can see them. But even in this case, the job ad that you post will have to clearly identify the hiring company. 

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