Job moderation policy

Professionals expect the best from us. This is why we manually review all job postings in Get on Board, so we can make sure that only quality jobs are posted. At all times, we reserve the right to reject, request changes or suspend the publication of job offers, even if previously approved.

This is the criteria we check for, and what will make your job ad successful. Make sure your job meets them:

Offer a competitive salary

We'll only accept jobs offering salaries on or above market rates, according to the job's seniority, location, skills and technologies required, among other factors. Our system will automatically calculate the minimum salary levels we accept for a given job.

Doubts about the right salary to offer? Reach out to us and we'll be happy to orient you.

Talk about your company and what do you offer

Professionals want to know how is it to work in your company: the industry or business it is in, the work environment, location, etc. The more you elaborate, the better. Applicants don't necessarily know your company or have references about you, so things your team might take for granted (such as culture or work environment) need to be explicitly communicated so candidates can get a better idea of the job.

Describe job functions, not just qualifications

Candidates will want to know what they will be doing when they work in this position. What team(s) would they be part of? Who their teammates will be? What projects would be assigned to them? What the specific responsibilities and functions will be? How their performance will be measured?

Again, just listing skills or experience is not enough, even though some of them might relate to some job functions. As a rule of thumb, be explicit and include as much detail as possible.

Mind formatting, spelling and grammar

Take care to craft a job ad with a friendly, respectful and professional language.

Make everything look good. If you paste text from Word or some other document, adjust the format and use the preview. Avoid ABUSING CAPS. Check the right spelling and casing for technology names.

Create an ad that is coherent with the position

Make sure the qualifications, functions, and experience you are listing match the role you specify in the job title.

Getting the job's title right is key, as it appeals to existing candidates' expectations for the role based on what's generally accepted in the market. As a recruiter, it is your responsibility keeping up to date with those expectations and posting a job that matches them.

Indicate only one position per ad

Much of Get on Board's power resides in helping you match your job with professionals, based on categories, requirements, and salary offered. Offering several positions in one ad makes this matching impossible. Make sure each ad corresponds to a specific position.. This is also true for jobs that might be very similar, but have different seniority levels.

Keep demands and expectations in control

Regarding skills and experience, make sure that the distinction between nice-to-haves and must-haves is crystal-clear. It's tempting to make a long list of technologies, but asking for too much will make your job look bad to candidates. And if you ask for more, offer more in return.

We will not accept ads that discriminate arbitrarily based on gender, race, nationality, age or other condition.

Also, we will not accept jobs listing specific countries, schools or workplaces as mandatory. Get on Board is a platform open to anyone, from anywhere, that meets the requirements for a job.

Identify the actual workplace

All job ads must identify the workplace where the professional will work, which might not correspond to the company publishing the job offer. If you are recruiting on behalf of a client, you must clearly name the company (describing it or specify the industry is not enough).

If you are giving staffing or outsourcing services to a client (where your company is doing the hiring but the actual workplace is another company), you should indicate the company where the applicant is going to work as well.

Use gender-neutral, inclusive language

Get on Board wants tech talent of any gender to feel at home. Double-check your copy so the gender of the applicant is never assumed.

Respect the rules

We go to great lengths to ensure Get on Board only offers quality jobs. We won't tolerate any spamming or email or contact harvesting.

If we request changes to your ad, please do your best to comply. Don't submit the ad back without changes.

Misrepresenting the actual job conditions, salary or final employer will not be tolerated.

Also, remember that jobs in Get on Board only get applicants directly through our platform. Avoid including contact info or links to external application forms.

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