What are the advantages of using the Get on Board careers page?

If you have a business account with Get on Board, then you have a "Work with us" page ready and absolutely free. 

"Work with us" page

What are the advantages of using this page to list your jobs?

  • It's ready and available. It won't take you more than five minutes to personalize it! You can include a YouTube video with your employer's brand, upload images, and add text content.
  • Sleek and responsive design.  The page always looks good, on all devices.
  • Professionals will be able to follow your page on Get on Board. By following your page, professionals will instantly know about all the new jobs you post.
  • You can embed this page into your own website by copying and pasting a simple code.

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What if I already have a job page somewhere else?

Many companies (e.g. in the financial sector, commerce or education) already have a job page. In many cases, this is because these companies offer jobs that are not only technological, and therefore need to have a centralized place to list all their jobs.

As you know, Get on Board specializes in technology jobs. However, many companies use the Get on Board jobs page as a complement to their homepage, to create a differentiated discourse specific to digital talent.

The things that attract technological talent can be very different from other functions. Creating a page with a differentiated message (and on a familiar platform like Get on Board) will allow you to address IT, professionals, in a more personalized way.

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