Why can't I offer a wider salary range?

In Get on Board, the top of the salary range cannot be more than 50% higher than the bottom of the range. This constraint exists so jobs can be more specific of a particular seniority level. Too wide salary ranges imply that people from different seniorities are being hired in a single job, which leads to ambiguous job descriptions and confuses applicants.

Instead of offering a single job with a wide salary range, create two jobs: one for the lower seniority level and one for the higher seniority level.

This might be better illustrated with an example: if you have two people in the exact same role and the same requirements, would you pay one of them 50% more than the other? Probably not.

A wide salary range means that people with widely different skill levels and seniorities will be applying to the same job. This is precisely what we are trying to avoid. Remember that professionals will find your job in Get on Board based on, among others, the seniority level required, the salary offered, and job functions as described in the ad text. Jobs with wide salary ranges may also convey incorrect expectations about compensation.

If you intended to offer a wide salary range, we instead recommend creating two jobs, one for the lower seniority level and another for the higher seniority level. Functions for each job, while similar, will have differences that will allow for candidates to orient themselves towards applying to the right job.

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