Why is a VAT (IVA) tax charged on my Get on Board purchase?

Effective June 1, 2020, all companies incorporated in Chile  –or foreign companies using a credit card issued in Chile– are required to pay an extra 19% VAT when making purchases in Get on Board. This VAT is collected by us and fully paid to the Chilean Internal Tax Service (SII) on your behalf, as required by Chilean law.

If your company is a VAT taxpayer in Chile, you will be able to declare it in Get on Board when finishing your purchase or when editing your company profile, in the "Tax and invoicing info" section. Being a VAT taxpayer in Chile is a special tax status that requires your company to pay VAT on all purchases on your own, and Get on Board is not required to collect VAT for these companies. This means that, if you specify your company status as a VAT taxpayer, we will not charge the 19% VAT.

Keep in mind that we are required to share the taxpayer status you specify in Get on Board to the Chilean Internal Tax Service (SII).

The company is an IVA taxpayer in Chile

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