1. If you do not already have one, create a company account at www.getonbrd.com. Registration of companies is free of charge.

2. Have your company logo at hand in a square format (for example, the one you use for your company's social networks).

3. When you register your company account, you will also register your user account. You will only be able to access your company account through your user.
Please note that the person who creates the account will automatically be given the admin role, so we recommend using an email that other people on your team can access (e.g., info@yourcompany.com).

4. You will sign in to Get on Board as a company using an e-mail and password. Verify that you are receiving emails from Get on Board; you will need them to confirm your account and to post jobs.

5. Once inside your account, you can invite other people to the same company account at no additional cost, and assign them different user roles. Each person must register and log in with their own e-mail and password. Avoid using shared accounts.

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