What is the most in-demand soft-skill in the digital world?

Take the test and find your own Adaptability factors.

What do people who achieve incredible results regardless of their level of experience have in common?

To answer this question, we gathered the most prominent and influential people in the digital world, nominated anonymously to avoid possible biases, to whom we interviewed and did a thorough analysis to identify patterns about how they behave in their professional lives. As a result, we discovered that some of these behaviors that raise people's potential were multi-factorial and correlated.

We decided to group all of them into a single concept: Adaptability.

What is Adaptability?

 We define Adaptability as the ability to respond in a flexible way to changes that occur in the work environment, by using the necessary skills to understand the context, communicating with the right people, proposing innovative actions, and successfully placing oneself in new scenarios, which results in a significant level of professional growth potential. 

Why is it important to be Adaptable in the professional world?

 As technology takes over different areas and segments in business, the roles of people in organizations emerge mainly to solve problems and bridge knowledge gaps, leaving behind the idea of a limited and monotonous desk job. These changes have opened opportunities for flexible, transversal, and multidisciplinary roles. For this reason, the world of work needs people who are not afraid of change, can speak loud and clear when something needs to be improved, know how to ask for help, and can take control of problems in a methodological and strategic way.
Nowadays, it is not only important what you know at the moment you accept a challenge, but also what you are able to learn and solve along the way.
Adaptability is composed of 4 factors, which in each person, can have different levels of development.

The 4 factors that comprise the Adaptability skillset

How is Adaptability measured?
After studying the behavior of people with high potential, we identified that the way in which individuals adapt in the workplace is composed of 4 main skills.

Learning Management: the ability related to the way in which people use their experience, recognize what they have yet to learn and plan their future learning.
Interpersonal Skills: the skills related to active listening, empathy, and effective communication with a strategic focus to relate within organizations.
Openness to Change: The ability to manage uncertainty as an opportunity.
Problem Solving: The ability to approach problems in a methodological and strategic way. 

How can I assess adaptability development level?

 At Get on Board we know that potential is key to a selection process, so we have created a test for you to know the dimensions that comprise your Adaptability, and see how developed they are based on the way you work. We also provide you with tips on how you can enhance it so that you can take the next step in your professional career.

Take the test now and find out how 'adaptable' you are in the workplace.

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