Do I have to pay to post jobs on Get on Board?

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Indeed: posting a job on Get on Board has a cost. This cost is different whether you want to publish only one individual job, or if you plan to start hiring technology profiles more intensively.

For companies that need to hire sporadic technology profiles, or for small teams, individual publications allow you to search for profiles only when you need them. 

If you are just trying to Get on Board platform, we allow you to start a publication for free and only make a payment if the candidates that have reached your job ad match to what you expected.  This, on Get on Board, is called to unlock an ad

Subscription plans for larger companies

If you hire more than 5 people in technology profiles a year (including programming, design, UX, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence, Agility, and others), you will benefit greatly from our subscription plans, which allow you to save greatly from each publication and give you access to our Talent DatabaseLearn more about plans and prices here. 

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