How can I integrate Get on Board with my external ATS?

If your company uses an external Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software such as Lever or Greenhouse and you have an active subscription plan, you can connect your ATS with Get on Board and receive all applications to your Get on Board process, in real time, directly in your external ATS.

(By the way, Get on Board has its own built-in, modern ATS software, at no additional cost!)

To perform the integration, you must be an admin (or ask someone who is). From the user menu in the upper right corner, select the 'Integrations' option, or 'Settings'. 

External ATS integration view

Once you select your ATS option you will have to enter the following:

  •  Your company's site name (usually the company name in Lever with no spaces and all in lowercase. You can also find it in the URL of the job site (for example,
  • The API key (the Super Admin of the account in Lever can generate a key in Integrations Tab).

Once you have entered the above, press the 'Save and import jobs' button, and voilá! The integration is ready. So simple and fast. 

Supported external ATS software

In addition to the above, our API access allows you to develop your own integrations for other Applicant Tracking Systems not officially supported by us.

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