How can the person I invited to apply for my job contact me?

If you have a subscription plan you already have access to Talent Database (TDB), our technology talent base of +500,000 professionals. In TDB you can search for candidates who have their profile visible to be recruited, filtering them by technology, experience level, salary range, etc. 

When you search for a candidate on TDB, you will be able to see the professionals' name, professional and academic profile, interests, and place of residence. In the same view, you can invite him/her to apply for one of your jobs by clicking on the 'Invite' button. Once you have selected the process to which you are inviting the professional, you will be able to customize the invitation message. When you send it the professional will receive a notification on their Get on Board control panel and in their e-mail.  

Invite a professional to apply for your job.

Once the professionals accept the invitation to apply for your job on Get on Board, they will be able to contact you after sending their application through the 'Messages' option within their card on the Kanban board.

You will also receive notifications when you receive a new message from professionals (check here how to set up notifications). 

You can see all the invitations sent for each process within your kanban board.

Visualize all invitations directly in your process view (kanban)

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