How can you facilitate communication with professionals through Get on Board?

When they start recruiting using Get on Board, many companies ask themselves the following questions: should I write them messages and follow up directly from Get on Board, or should I download the CVs I receive and write them directly to their email?

We strongly recommend that you contact the professionals and follow up on the recruitment process directly from Get on Board. When you post your job, you automatically access smart and elegant tools that will make the process easier for you.

Here's why it's so important:

  • Professionals prefer using Get on Board because they can manage all their processes from one place. When a company contacts them from the outside, it forces the professionals to attend to another channel besides Get on Board. This deprives them of having their applications in order.

  • Get on Board uses the data generated by each process activity (discards, messages, hires, etc) to provide aggregated and anonymized feedback to the professionals to help them improve for the future. When contact and follow-up occur outside the process, professionals lose the possibility of receiving this feedback.

  • Carrying everything from Get on Board gives the company full visibility over the entire process. By contacting candidates manually, the company loses the opportunity to have transparent processes where managers can immediately understand which processes are being neglected and which people have not been contacted.

  • Get on Board automatically deactivates idle processes. By contacting professionals externally, jobs will receive inactivity alerts and may be deactivated. 

  • Companies' response times are calculated according to the interaction they have with applicants within Get on Board's ATS, which can influence (positively or negatively) the perception of professionals towards your brand. 

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