What happens if I pay a Boost or unlock and the ad is not successful?

Boost maximizes the visibility and reach of your job on Get on Board, especially when you need to recruit urgently or for hard-to-find or highly competitive technology positions.  Boost is designed to quickly reach a large number of professionals and make it as easy as possible for them to apply for your job.

If Boost did not meet your expectations, you can write to us at info@getonbrd.com so that our team can review the ad and help you improve the areas that could be causing the low success rate. Keep in mind that some positions are more difficult to recruit than others, and it depends on several factors (e.g. the ad does not clearly describe the role you are looking for; it offers an uncompetitive salary; the profile you are looking for is very scarce and in high demand; etc).

If you want to request a refund, you will have to wait for Boost to deactivate (which happens automatically 14 days after activation). This is because Boost invitations are sent by mail; in some cases, professionals may take time to respond.

Check here how to request a refund of your purchase (*).

(*) Please note that jobs that do not comply with our moderation and seniority policies are not eligible for refunds. 

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