What happens when a selection process is closed?

Closing a process on Get on Board lets candidates know that you are no longer looking for candidates for the position, and organizes your board internally so that old processes are no longer present. We recommend that you always close the selection process in a timely manner, sending a message to the applicants for your job.

When closing a process on Get on Board:

  • No more applicants will be received.
  • All invitations sent via Talent Database or Boost to this process will be canceled.
  • You won't be able to move applications, send messages to applicants, or leave internal team notes.

Closing a process is reversible; you can reopen it in the future if you wish, without consuming an extra quota of publications; but keep in mind that if the process is more than 30 days old and you do not have an active subscription, you will not be able to refresh its date. If you have a subscription plan, and your job is 6 months old (or older), you will have to relaunch the process instead of reopening it.

You can also re-launch a closed process, which will create a new version of the job with a clean selection process. Bear in mind that re-launching a process will consume a quota of your plan (in case you have a subscription), or you will need to purchase an unlock to access the information of the new applicants. 

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