What is an unlock or purchase a publication?

On Get on Board, "unlocking" a job is equivalent to purchasing a publication. The difference is that Get on Board allows you to launch a job ad for free, and pay only if your publication receives applicants that fulfill your expectations. 

While your job is blocked, you can only access a preview of the information of each candidate who applies to your job.  This information (which does not include contact information) will allow you to decide whether to unlock it or not.  

Please note that if you do not unlock/purchase your job posting, it will only remain posted on the platform for 7 days and you will have to pay both to re-post it (if you wish) and to access the applicants' information.

When unlocking a job: 

Unlocking a job is permanent; that is, it will grant you full access not only to the information of the applicants that reached your job, but also to the ones that will apply in the future. However, after 4 months of creating your job you will not be able to make changes or apply Boost, so we recommend you to close the job after that period and duplicate the process. 

Each applicant's information does not disappear nor expires once your job publication ends or you close the process. Even with a closed process, once unlocked you will be able to check all the applicants' information again, whenever you need it.   

If you have an active subscription, you don't need to worry about unlocking announcements; every job that you publish within your plan will be automatically unlocked. 

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