What is the difference between duplicate and re-opening a process?

Closing a process on Get on Board is reversible; you can reopen (*) or duplicate it if you wish. 

What is the difference between duplicating and reopening a process?

  • Duplicating a process means cloning a new version of the same job, with a clean selection process (without the information of the professionals who originally applied).
    When you duplicate a process you must unlock it to access the information of the applicants, unless you have a subscription plan, in which case, it will be automatically unlocked using your plan's quota. 

  • When you reopen a process (*), you keep the data of the process: applications, messages, notes, etc., and you will not consume an unlocking quota since you are only making the original announcement visible again. If you do not have an active subscription, you will not be able to refresh its date and the original date will appear in the job.

(*) Remember that jobs 4 months old or older will have to be duplicated. You can only reopen jobs that were created up to 4 months back. 

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