Why should I choose a subscription plan?

Subscription plans on Get on Board are specially made for companies expanding their dev teams and that have ongoing recruiting needs. If any of the following statements is true about your company, a subscription plan might be a good fit for you:

  • Your company needs to hire 5+ tech positions per year
  • You are continuously hiring the same positions and need always-on job listings
  • You frequently find yourself having to hire in a rush

Subscription plans in Get on Board offer the following advantages:

  • Considerable savings in comparison with pay-as-you-go job postings.
  • Always-on jobs. Subscription plans allow you to keep jobs always open; pay-as-you-go job postings only last 30 days.
  • You get exclusive access to our growing Talent Database of thousands of Latin-American tech professionals.

Additionally, the Recruiter, Corporate and Unlimited plans have some extra advantages:

  • Invoiced billing
  • Payment via wire transfer
  • 1-hour training video call to make the most out of Get on Board.
  • Priority support (video call and Whatsapp)

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