Actions menu
You can find this menu on the dashboard and in the individual view of each job. 

Here we explain some of their options:

  1. Activate Boost for this job: Boost allows you to send automatic invitations to candidates in our database and provides extra visibility to your job in our listings.
  2. Refresh date: This function leaves the publication date up to date. This allows you to move up in the listings and lets applicants know that the job is “fresh".
  3. Manage access: You can grant access to the job to whoever you want in your team. You can create groups and teams and assign specific jobs to each one.
  4. Watch this job: This option allows you to start receiving notifications and emails of activity in this job (such as new applications or messages sent by candidates).
  5. Export to Excel: You can export the data of your selection process to a CSV file. 
  6. Delete Job: This option will make your job disappear permanently from Get on Board and will make you lose access to applicants who have applied for your job. Use it with caution!
  7. Close process: You must close a process once you have filled the position or in case the process has been suspended. Closing the process will file it and send a message to the applicants.
  8. Email settings: Here you can configure who receives notifications of this job (and stop following it in case you no longer want to receive them).
  9. Assign a scorecard to this job: You can create assessment scorecards and assign them to your jobs so that you can easily assess your job applicants. 
  10. Import candidates manually: If you receive a CV via email, you can import it into your selection process and keep all the information organized in your Get on Board ATS.

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