From the option '💬  Message Templates' in the left menu of your dashboard, you can create message templates for all stages of your process, which will help you save time in communicating with applicants.

💡 You can use the keywords @webpro, to automatically add the applicant's name, and @job, to insert the job title. This will allow you to send bulk messages to all applicants within one stage of the process. 

Create a message template

Once you have created templates for all stages of your selection process, you can easily use them from your kanban board to send messages, either individually or as a group

To send a pre-saved message individually, click on the applicant's card, and in the 'Messages' tab, you can insert the pre-saved reply by clicking on the 📄  icon next to the text field.

Send a pre-saved message to an applicant

Use templates to send bulk messages to applicants of a specific phase of your selection process:

You can send bulk emails to all the applicants of a particular phase of your selection process. In the heading of each phase, you will see a menu with an option called "Send bulk messages to candidates". This allows you to write a message that will reach simultaneously to all applicants. 

In the message box, you can edit the recipients (in case you want to remove one in particular). 

With this, personalizing your messages and keeping in touch quickly with all the applicants to your selection process becomes much more efficient. 

Send bulk messages with templates

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