When you discard applications, you can select the reason for discarding and you have the option to send a message to the applicants. We do not send messages automatically unless you manually send them.

Discarding applications

We recommend that you keep applicants informed at all stages of the process. When you discard an application (either by dragging it to the "Discarded" column or from the individual application card) you will have the possibility to send a notification message. To do this, you must check the box "Notify <applicant> via email".

Discard application from individual application card
Notify the professional via email with one click

You can create and save default messages for each stage of the process and send them individually or massively to the applicants. Using the keyword @webpro, you can send personalized messages to each one (e.g. Hello @webpro ).

Send bulk messages to applicants
Send bulk 'discarded' message with saved replies.
We recommend you always send an email notifying the applicants that the process has been closed and that they were not selected, this is appreciated by the professionals and speaks highly of your company. 

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