Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra security measure that helps protect your account against usurpation and theft of credentials by third parties.

Enabling 2FA on all web services that have the option is a good practice that you should adopt, especially in applications that contain sensitive information, such as your social networks or work tools (e.g. Github, Heroku, Google, etc).

To enable 2FA, you can use authentication applications, such as Google Authenticator, Authy, or 1Password, which generate codes that expire in about 10-30 seconds.

At Get on Board you can activate 2FA quickly and easily, allowing you to protect your valuable and sensitive company account data. It is recommended that all members of your team activate 2FA (and get into the habit of doing so in all the tools and applications they use regularly and Get on Board). 

To activate your 2FA in your Get on Board account, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Edit your account

Edit your account

Step 2: Scan the code

  1. To set up 2FA, you will need to scan the QR code with some authentication software (e.g. Google Authenticator, Authy, or 1Password). If you cannot scan the QR code, you can copy the code manually and paste it into the application.
  2.  The authentication software will give you a code, which you must type in point #2. Please note that the codes provided by the application have an expiration time of 10-30 seconds. 
  3. Enter your Get on Board account password and click on 'Enable 2-factor authentication'.

2FA activation steps
Step 3: save your backup codes

Once 2FA is active, it will only display your backup codes ONCE. You can copy them and save them in a safe place, eg. on Google Docs, in a notepad file, etc.
It is important that you keep these codes in a safe place because, in case you lose access to your authentication app, these codes will be the ones that will let you log in to your account.

Backup codes

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