Your selection process, in a single view

The Process view allows you to manage, review and contact incoming candidates. This view is a Kanban-style board where the applications will automatically arrive at your process.

When you publish your process on Get on Board, some phases are automatically created:

  1. Suggestions and Invitations: When you create your job, you will receive up to 50 suggestions of professionals who match your profile and whom you can invite directly with just a few clicks. In this column, you will also be able to see the status of the invitations you have sent from Talent Database, Suggestions, and Boost.
  2. Applicants: This is where all the applications that go through the regular form will arrive.
  3. Discarded: Drag here applications that are no longer in the process. By discarding, you can indicate the reason for discarding.
  4. Selected: This is an example of a customizable phase. You can rename it and drag it to reorder it.
  5. Hired: Move candidates with whom you have already closed a hiring agreement to this phase.
  6. Add new phases: You can create as many phases (columns) as you want, to keep your process organized.

You can create, edit, collapse, move, and delete columns to adapt them to each selection process. 

Process view

Side menu

In the side menu of your process view, you will find different options about your job and process:

  • Refresh date (*): It is always advisable to refresh the date of your job to keep it at the top of the search results. 
  • View job: To access the public view of your job (note that if your salary is hidden, you will be able to see it due to your company role. You can check if it is hidden by accessing your job in another browser or in incognito mode).
  • Edit job
  • Scorecards: Assign assessment scorecards to your job.
  • Manage access: If you have an admin role, you will be able to select the group of users that will have access to the process, ideal for positions that require a higher level of confidentiality within your team. 
  • Delete job: Keep in mind that when you delete a job, it cannot be recovered, and the process information (candidates, notes, messages, and evaluations) will be lost. 
  • Follow this job: Receive email notifications about new applications and job activity. 
  • Share job: Send your job via email or share it on social networks. 
  • Export to Excel (CSV) (**): Export the information of the applicants in your process.

(*) Available for subscription plans
(**) Available for Recruiter or custom plans.

Create columns, move applicants, send bulk messages, and more

Process view

The columns of your selection process are editable and can be collapsed, allowing you to manage your process in an orderly manner. You can create as many columns (phases) as you wish. 
Each column has an action menu where you can: edit the column name, move the phase to the left or right, delete it, send a mass message to professionals, collapse the column, or filter applicants. 

Save time sending bulk messages

You can send bulk emails to all the applicants of a particular phase of your selection process. In the heading of each phase, you will see a menu with an option called "Send bulk messages to candidates". This allows you to write a message that will reach simultaneously to all applicants. 

In the message box, you can edit the recipients (in case you want to remove one in particular). 

👉🏽   An especially useful tip: if you use the keyword @webpro, it will be automatically replaced by the first name of each professional. 

Moreover, you can combine a massive message with a saved response, which you can quickly insert to avoid typing. 

With this, customizing your messages and keeping in touch quickly with all the applicants to your selection process becomes much more efficient. 

Send bulk messages

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