For recruitment to be an area of continuous improvement, it is essential to have information and metrics that allow us to evaluate processes and make decisions about themGet on Board's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provides you with general and detailed data on each and every one of your recruitment processes.

All Get on Board subscription plans have access to the reporting view, accessed from the left menu, where you can access the general metrics dashboard. In addition, Recruiter and Custom plans can access the detail of discard reasons, discarded applicants, and performance, by process, as well as quarterly success rate and export data in CSV

Access your reports from the left side menu
When you enter your reports you will see 3 sections:

- Overview: Here you can see metrics relevant to all processes and response times. Now you can also filter by process type (closed or open), and specific time periods, such as days, months, or years.


- Discards: In this option, you can see the metrics related to the discards of applicants: statistics on the number of discarded applicants, and a consolidated list of the main reasons for discarding. You can also filter the information by process and specific time.


- Performance: Here you can see the performance of your processes, both in terms of duration, number of applicants, and success rate of your closed processes. If you do not currently have closed processes, you will not be able to view the information in this option. We recommend that you always close your processes once they have concluded (you will be able to reopen them in the future if you wish).


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