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Reports and metrics

For recruitment to be an area of continuous improvement, it is essential to have information and metrics that allow us to evaluate processes and make decisions ...
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Get on Board's API

The Get on Board's API allows developers to access programmatically features and crucial data of our platform.  Check the technical reference of how to use it at
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Integration with ATS

Get on Board gives you a modern integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to monitor your...
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Emails settings

By activating the email notifications of your job applications, you will be able to reply to the applicants' messages (sent from Get on Board) by replying in the same email , wh...
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What is Get on Board?

Get on Board is a hunting and recruiting platform (Applicant Tracking System or ATS ) specialized in t...
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Creating a subscription

On Get on Board, you can post jobs and unlock them one by one in order to access the applicants' information. This is rec...
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