Know your response times and improve your employer brand


Speed of response is paramount for professionals applying to a job (no wonder it's frequently mentioned as one of the most important factors when considering a potential employer). Being able to measure response times allows talent to prioritize the fastest-replying companies, and opens HR and Talent Acquisition teams the chance to improve and optimize their performance.

Your employer brand and engagement improves radically when professionals perceive that your company is fast to reply. This is why now Get on Board calculates employers' response time to candidates.

We perform three different calculations:

  • Company-wide median response time, representing the last six months of activity;
  • Response times for each particular job;
  • Individual response times of each team member, also representing the last six months of activity. Individual calculations are available in Members section if you have a Recruiter, Corporate or Unlimited subscription plan.

Response times are shown publicly in all Get on Board jobs as a range, reflecting the typical variation of response times from a specific company or job, such as "between 5 and 9 days" (ranges are broader if response times vary more significatively).

If your company has a  subscription plan, you will be able to see the exact median global time of your company, expressed in days and hours, in the section Stats of your job Dashboard.

Curious about the details? Read about how response times are calculated.

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