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Find your ideal work culture.

It is fundamental to work for a company that shares your same values, so your job makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Find out what kind of organizational culture suits you best!

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What is your work culture profile?

Every organization has its own combination of cultural traits and values. When people find an organization that matches their values and priorities, they are happier and can unlock their maximum potential at work.

Team Player

Embraces trust, humanity, and inclusiveness.


Driven by winning and achieving.


Embraces change, innovation, and uncertainty.


Values order, structure, and efficiency.


Looks for insights and new experiences.

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Find your own unique mix.

No one belongs to only one profile. We all have a mix of different cultures and might even fit in more than one kind of organization. Discover your unique combination answering this test.

In less than 5 minutes, find out what makes you happy and productive at work.

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