When you log in to Get on Board and you already have processes created, you will immediately access the dashboard view, where, by default, you will see only the open jobs. You can access the closed processes by clicking on the corresponding top tab.
If you are following any jobs (of which you receive notifications), they will appear by default on your dashboard. You can stop following jobs or edit your notification preferences.

In the right column of your dashboard, you will see the processes that are pending moderation, drafts, and jobs that have been rejected (and the rejection reason).

In the left menu of your dashboard you can access the different functionalities of your ATS, such as:

  • Activity: Review all the activity logs of your company account (applications, sent messages, notes, job edits, among others).
  • Talent Database: Find professionals suitable for your job in our database of +300k tech talent. 
  • Invitations: Here you can see the status of all the invitations you have sent via Talent Database.
  • Candidates: This is your own professional database, where you can see all the professionals who have applied for your jobs.
  • Scorecards: Create evaluation scorecards and assign them to jobs to assess skills and technical knowledge within your process. 
  • Message templates: Save time by creating message templates for each stage of your recruitment process. 
  • Members and groups: Invite as many users as you want to your company account, create groups, and assign them to specific jobs. 
  • Settings: All your company account configuration can be accessed here.
  • What's new: Learn about the latest product updates.

Left menu

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