The Get on Board team in April 2020.
I remember most of 2020 cycling between days of frantic working and days where the greatest achievement was disinfecting groceries and refreshing the COVID tracker page aimlessly. But having the enormous privilege of having meaningful stuff to work on was a sort of a lifebuoy in the worst days of the lockdown. And that kept us going.

We are grateful to have been a 100% remote company for years now. This meant we skipped the workplace disruption the pandemic lockdowns brought to nearly everyone else. But of course, the emotional toll of the pandemic—uncertainty, anxiety, distress— got to us anyway. Most recruiting halted during March/April. Several of our former customers still haven't recovered, and some have even been forced to shut down.

We feel grateful, proud, and privileged to have kept everyone's salaries and employment conditions intact through the pandemic. Many of us even managed to support our families and keep things steady and stable while everything else seemed to crumble down. It was not a given, and it was not automatic — we had to do a lot.

And a lot we did:

  • We completed 500 Startups San Francisco. We were part of Batch 26, the last "formal" batch of 500 and the last batch (at least in a long while) to do the acceleration program in person... and the first accelerator batch in the world to go fully remote as well, in mid-February.
  • Launched Working Without Borders, our English-speaking remote podcast. We are so proud of having top people from Facebook, GitLab and Doist as guests.
  • To support companies going remote, we offered all fully-remote jobs for free during 2020 (plus new remote modalities that better match the pandemic conditions, such as "Temporarily Remote")
  • We launched quarterly subscription plans (plus fully self-service subscriptions). Quarterly plans have been immensely popular this year.
  • Lever integration: Subscribers can connect their Lever account and get candidates from Get on Board directly in their external ATS (more to come in the future).
  • Our API: Actually, two APIs: a public one (that allows apps to retrieve lists of jobs and tags) and a private one (where subscribers can access their candidates and application info). Several companies have already developed their integrations consuming our API. Read more.
  • Scorecards: We built a Scorecard feature right into our ATS, so recruiters can design evaluation rubrics and assess candidates fairly and consistently.
  • Remote Work Course + Repo: We launched, in partnership with UTEC, a remote course paired with a free, open remote work repo, documenting all of our findings, learnings, and insights regarding remote work (in Spanish).
  • Cultural Fit Quiz: We launched a free quiz that allows any professional to find their ideal mix of workplace culture. To date, more than 10,000 people have already taken the quiz.
  • Multi-language applications: Companies can now request applications to be sent in either Spanish or English — and conversely, professionals can also store their cover letter and professional info in both languages.
  • Stats, metrics, and Excel export: Subscribers can access performance stats and metrics directly in Get on Board — and export them to CSV format. Candidates and applications can be exported to CSV as well.
  • Plans with Boost: By popular demand — now we offer subscription plans with monthly Boost capacity, at great savings compared to purchasing individual Boosts.
  • New Talent Database: We rebuilt Talent Database over Elasticsearch for a fast and much-improved search. Results are now better, searches are way faster, and the UI is much simpler.
  • Awesome Fest: We did the talent remote festival that Latin America was so sorely missing. Over two days, we got incredible speakers from companies such as Google, Facebook, Shopify, and Stripe and gathered the best startups in Latin America to pitch.
  • Discord server: During AwesomeFest, we also launched our Discord server, which reached over 1,000 members in just a few days. Feel free to drop by and say hello!
  • Insights: Also in AwesomeFest, we launched Insights, a data-viz project showing unique trends from our exclusive tech talent market data in all Latin America. Professionals, recruiters, educators, policymakers, and researchers will find something of interest here.
  • Socks: Because hey. Socks! A long-cherished dream since we launched the new branding back in 2019 (that is, 22 years ago).

It's hard to tell whether 2021 is going to be a better year than 2020. But we are grateful to be around still. We have so much to do and a whole new year to tackle it. Whatever this next year turns out to be, it will find us doing our best.

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