Safeguard Global and Get on Board partner to transform the future of the remote global workforce


🗓   This September 1st,  Get on Board and Safeguard Global present a free webinar:  "Remote Hiring: Unlocking the Latin American Market". Secure your spot now.

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Remote work amidst the COVID-19 crisis has changed the way tech companies operate. As the vast majority of  employees now sit in their homes indefinitely, the realization that geographical location should not be a deciding factor when hiring grows stronger.

But while most companies are now more comfortable with remote, hiring abroad is still an intimidating task. Setting up entities in every country just to have a few employees working out of that location is usually not viable. Navigating complexities, local labor laws, and taxes can be very challenging and expensive. The "global talent pool" promise has been inaccessible to many companies until now.

This is why Get on Board, the leading tech recruitment platform in Latin America, and Safeguard Global, a world leader in global employment solutions, are partnering. Together, they will enable global companies to easily build their tech teams with Latin-American talent. 

Latin America offers several advantages for North-American tech companies looking to diversify their talent pool: the best time zone alignment (so no one needs to be taking meetings at late nights), competitive market rates, and a thriving tech ecosystem.

"Many North-American companies already rely on tech hubs in Latin America to distribute their workforce in a cost-efficient way, but up until now, it depended on having a local connection," says Sergio Nouvel, Co-founder and CEO of Get on Board. "This is why most companies with Latin-American teams tend to have a footprint in just one city or country. The move was usually triggered by having a Latin-American-born senior executive, acquiring an already established local team, or using an already established subsidiary. Now companies can unlock the entire region as a potential talent pool".

With the partnership, companies will be able to recruit remote positions in software engineering, data science, UX, operations, and customer service using Get on Board's platform and then hire them through Safeguard's employer-of-record service. Several remote companies already leverage Safeguard's services to manage their international workforce.

Get on Board recently launched Concierge, a  recruiting service that takes care of technical screening for selected remote positions, offering a shortlist of candidates in as little as five days. Combining Concierge and Safeguard's employer-of-record service streamlines the process of hunting and onboarding for remote workers and allows companies to reduce their hiring and onboarding times from up to three months, to just a couple of weeks.

Interested in trying Get on Board and Safeguard Global? Write us to and we'll connect you with the right person at Safeguard Global to get preferred attention.

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🗓   This September 1st,  Get on Board and Safeguard Global present a free webinar:  "Remote Hiring: Unlocking the Latin American Market". Secure your spot now.

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